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about Tempo!

Tempo! Music Therapy Services provides music therapy services, family music classes, music lessons, and yoga in multiple Philadelphia suburban locations and Nutley, NJ. Our team consists of board certified music therapists, most of whom have at least a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy. As a team, we have a collective experience of over 100 years. Our education and experience sets us apart and has made Tempo! a highly respected company among both music professionals and the public.

Tempo! began in 2001 and is an organization dedicated to promoting the emotional and social well-being of individuals, improving their quality of life through the arts. All of our programs have been fully inclusive since the founding of the practice 18 years ago. We believe that inclusion and community access are a basic human and civil right.

When we decided to expand our music therapy services to include a general music program for young children (infants-preschool), we chose Music Together® as our medium. We found the Music Together® program aligned with our core belief system and offered benefits that other programs did not.

Music therapy and music lessons are offered in West Chester, Pennsylvania and in our Nutley, New Jersey location. Further, we offer Music Together® classes in multiple remote locations in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Classes are offered in King of Prussia and West Chester.

We present at local, regional, and national conferences, participate in continuing education classes, and give back to our communities through outreach programs.


Tempo! Music Therapy Services began as the idea of Angela Guerriero and Anna Weaver in the fall of 2001 to fill a need in their community. On October 4, 2001, Tempo! was officially incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania. Angela and Anna spent the winter and spring of 2002 presenting on the benefits of music therapy at conferences, support groups, and local community organizations.

In June of 2002, Anna moved to Florida and founded Tempo! Music Therapy Services of Florida in the Tampa Bay Area while Angela remained in the West Chester area. In 2003, Anna opened a location in Tarpon Springs, FL, and taught Humanities and Music at St Petersburg College while nurturing the growing company. In 2006, Angela opened an additional location in Nutley, NJ, in the community where she grew up.

Tempo! has grown to offer additional services as the needs of our communities have changed over the years. In addition to music therapy services, the Greater Tampa Bay, FL, Tempo! has begun to offer mental health counseling services as Anna has earned a PhD in Human Services. Tempo! PA and NJ now offer Music Together® classes, music lessons, yoga, and inclusive music groups for children with special needs as well as typically developing peers.  Angela earned a PhD in Creative Arts Therapies at Drexel University.

Tempo! has expanded to offer services to individuals of all ages, and has continued to participate in community outreach efforts. Education within our field remains a top priority, as Tempo! continues to train music therapy practicum students and interns, as well as presenting at regional and national conferences.



Tempo! Music Therapy Services is an organization dedicated to promoting the emotional and social well-being of individuals, improving their quality of life through the arts. Our goal is to create a positive impact on the lives of children, adults, and families to help them achieve personal growth and self-exploration in a creative way. We believe that every individual has an innate musical ability and it is our responsibility to build upon that ability to create positive changes and to help clients reach their goals.

By offering a variety of creative arts therapy services and music instruction for all ages, we are able to see positive changes in our clients. Through clinical supervision and offering continuing education courses, we promote the professional growth of music therapists and support the clinical training of music therapy students. We give back to our community through our outreach programs and participation in community events.

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