Music Therapy Sessions

Music therapy sessions are designed to support the needs and individual goals of the client. This may involve active music making, instrumental and/or vocal improvisation,  music and movement, receptive listening, songwriting, music technology, lyric analysis and many other strategies and interventions. No prior music knowledge or experience is needed. All individual and group music therapy services are provided by Board Certified Music Therapists (MT-BCs) who have successfully met the criteria as set by the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Many of the Tempo! Music therapists also have other specializations. Please refer to Our Team for more information.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Individual therapy is provided in a safe and supportive environment where the client is free to explore as he or she works to strengthen abilities. Based upon the client’s initial screening and assessment findings, an individual approach may be the most appropriate course of treatment. Potential goals of individual therapy focus on the development and/or improvement of essential domain areas; these may include physical skills (gross and fine motor), communication (expressive/receptive, nonverbal), sensory regulation, engagement and shared attention, executive functioning, and emotional growth. Therapeutic Lessons Therapeutic lessons focus on goals that go beyond music instruction. In therapeutic lessons a client will learn musical concepts and how to play an instrument; however, a special importance on therapeutic goals that may include self-expression, social-emotional growth, physical skills (gross and fine motor), executive functioning, and cognition will be emphasized. Request a consultation: NEW JERSEY | PENNSYLVANIA Music Together Within Therapy™ This service is facilitated by a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) who utilizes the innovative Music Together music and materials in individual and small group music therapy sessions as well as inclusive music classes. This unique program features a musically rich repertoire that can be adapted to support the individual goals of each client, including communication (expressive and receptive), physical (fine and gross motor), cognition, sensory and social-emotional goals. The Music Together Within Therapy program can also be implemented in hospitals, schools, child-care settings, and community outreach programs.

Group Music Therapy

Group Music Therapy Group Music Therapy sessions are designed to support those individuals who would benefit from interactions and involvement with their peers. This service allows the client to be further stimulated by peers as he or she works on developing and increasing skills in domain areas that may include social-relational, sustained engagement, attention to task and joint-attention, assistive leadership, self-esteem, and self-confidence. All group music therapy services are provided by a Board Certified Music Therapist in a safe and supportive environment designed to highlight each individual’s unique, creative strengths and abilities. Handchime Choirs Young Ringers (ages 7-12) Joyful Ringers (ages 13+) Our handchime choirs consist of up to 12 members. These groups ring familiar music using Schulmerich tone chimes. Unlike an orchestra or choir in which each musician is responsible for one line of the music, a handchime ensemble acts as one instrument, with each musician responsible for particular notes, sounding his or her assigned bells whenever that note occurs. The students will learn to contribute to the group as a whole. Therapeutic benefits may include an increase in social interaction, cognitive and physical functioning, as well as providing an outlet for emotional and musical expression. Performance opportunities will be available, as it is our belief that performances will support the member’s self-concept and self-esteem. No prior musical experience or ability to read music is required. Requirements include:

  • Ability to understand and process verbal cues
  • Ability to maintain eye contact is important, but can also be learned
  • Ability to grasp and ring handchimes with at least one hand
Specialty Groups Our groups run on a semester basis (10 weeks Fall, Winter, and Spring; 6 weeks Summer).Please check our NJ calendar and PA calendar for start times.
  • Music Explorers (ages 4-8) is a weekly 45-minute group that explores musical concepts through instrument play, dance, singing, and creativity.
  • Teens and Tweens (ages approximately 8-12) meets weekly, and clients will collaborate as a group to compose a song, film a video for the song, create a CD cover and have a “CD release party” for friends and family at the end of the series. Clients will benefit from socializing with peers within the same age range, improve communication skills, increase self and mutual regulation, experience an outlet for self-expression, and have opportunities to build musical skills. Most importantly, clients will have fun with friends in a safe and supportive environment designed to highlight each individual’s unique, creative strengths and abilities!
  • Girls Rock! (ages 11-15) meets weekly and uses Broadway musicals and popular music to encourage therapeutic development through the exploration of the stories and characters and music. Sessions will include a variety of singing, dancing, instrument play and songwriting. A project such as a songbook, CD, or music video will be created for the clients to take home.
  • Guitar Rocks! (ages 13+) is for teens and young adults interested in learning to play their favorite music on the guitar. Using simplified chording, clients will sing and play along to their favorite groups each week to address both socialization and motor coordination.
  • Jukebox Heroes (Ages 13-23) is open for teens and adults of all abilities who are rock n’ roll fans. Group members will play and/or sing rock music in a typical band format. They may or may not have prior knowledge of drum, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, etc. Group members will work together to play and sing familiar rock repertoire. Therapeutic benefits may include an increase in social interaction, cognitive, and physical functioning. Jukebox Heroes will also provide an outlet for emotional and musical expression. The members will learn to contribute to the group as a whole. No prior musical experience or ability to read music is required.
  • Music Makers (Ages 15+) is open for teens and adults of all abilities who are interested in improvised as well as structured music making using a variety of instruments. Group members may or may not have prior knowledge of using percussive instruments, singing or using hand held melodic instruments. Group members will work together to sing and play popular musical repertoire, chosen as a group. Members will each be responsible for one instrument during each session. They will also practice improvising music in a call and response format. Therapeutic benefits include social interaction, cognitive benefits, and physical benefits. No prior musical experience or ability to read music is required.
  • A Different Drum (ages 16+) is a weekly 45-minute group. Music experiences will center around drumming to address areas including social interaction, motor skills, coordination, and following directions. This group is designed specifically for teens and young adults with different learning styles, and will encourage clients to engage in whatever way they can, working together to create a unique group experience.
  • Remixed! A New Take on Music Therapy Social Skills (ages 16+) is led by music therapists and highlights social engagement through music listening, active music making and group discussion. Participants identify their own preferences, and respectfully discuss the preferences of others. Instrument exploration is used in order to create group covers of favorites songs of any genre. Group members take turns with solos and backups – singing, drumming, and strumming. Benefits may include increased social opportunities, improved musical abilities, and increased expression and identification of emotions.

Individual Instruction

Adapted Music Lessons Individual instruction, on a specific instrument or voice, is designed and facilitated by a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) to fit the needs of each client. The music therapist adapts instructional methods based upon the client’s individual strengths and learning style (i.e., visual-spatial, aural, and kinesthetic learners) to aid in the acquisition of music skills. Individual and/or Adapted Yoga Session Our individual yoga sessions are tailored specifically for each student and activities may vary. All sessions begin with centering and breathing exercises, include an integrated series of yoga poses (asanas), and end with relaxation. Specialized breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are tailored for each student to improve concentration. Yoga is practiced in a non-competitive manner with emphasis on optimal effort by the student. Vocal and Instrumental Music Lessons Regularly scheduled private lessons are available for most instruments and voice, provided by our dedicated and highly qualified instructors.

School Services

School Services Tempo! provides individual music therapy and group music therapy in the school setting. The services may be provided as a related service in the IEP (by decision of the IEP team), or may be programmatic (educational enrichment). If the IEP team requests a music therapy assessment for a student, the assessment must be administered by a board-certified music therapist and include a written report for the IEP team to review. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether music therapy is necessary for the student to better access his or her special education program. If the school district decides to provide music therapy for educational enrichment, assessments are typically not conducted for individual students, and music therapy goals are not listed on the students’ IEPs. A description of the student’s’ program may be included in progress reports or on the IEP. Some examples of how Tempo! is currently working with schools:

  • Providing weekly music therapy groups for autistic support classes
  • Providing individual music therapy sessions as a related service in school
  • Providing weekly individual music therapy sessions as a related service for homebound students
For more information on our school-based services, please contact us

Birthday Parties

We can bring a music program to parties for young children as well as individuals with special needs geared toward facilitating group involvement in music-making fun! Our parties guarantee 30 minutes of music with props such as scarves, rhythm sticks, bells, eggs shakers and various instruments for an instrumental jam session. We typically schedule 45 minutes depending on the ages of the children and the schedule set by the place of the celebration. The party will include some familiar favorites along with some finger plays, a free movement song, and a large instrument jam if adequate space is available. Please ask for some of your child’s favorite songs so they can be included as well. We require a deposit to reserve your date. Deposits are refundable up to two weeks prior to the party date. The remainder of the payment is due at the party. For your convenience, we also offer musical party favors. Please see our store store for party ideas! If you are interested in being contacted by our team about your birthday party, please fill out the form.